Thursday, November 3, 2011

here we are again. it's autumn in new york. my favorite time of year in my favorite place. of course that little nor'easter we had last weekend wasn't on my list of favorites, but what are you going to do! as i sit at my desk, looking out over trees and the river beyond, i seem to focus on one beautiful red leaf gently blowing across our deck. every year since i moved to new york, in 1975, i have sent my mother a red leaf at this time of year, to show her how far into the season we are, compared with the season in memphis, where she lives -- now in a nursing home. this year, i think i will take the leaf and give it to her in person. chuck and i will be in memphis next week to visit with her and to do a couple of trunk shows at the store of my dear friend, cindy -- kittie kyle. two styles from our holiday collection are featured in the postcard for the trunk shows on nov 10 and 11. they are a blackened silver pendant (i call the finish 'moonglow') and a large double pendant, featuring our signature shimmering matte finish. both are sprinkled with diamonds and both pendants are circles, celebrating the never-ending cycle of life. as my mother's disease progresses, i find myself thinking a lot about how to make each day count. i think about what i can do to make a difference to her. next week i will get on a plane and spend some time with her and do all i can to let my mother know how much i love her. i invite you to do the same -- tell the important people in your life how you feel. hug them. it feels just as good to be the hugger as does to be the huggee :) here is a picture of my mother and chuck having just one of those moments. xs

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AUGUST 31, 1941

this beautiful picture of my parents was taken in 2008, about a year before my father died. today would have been their 70th anniversary. my mother is now in a nursing home and looks much the same -- as beautiful as ever.

somehow this is the way i will always remember them both -- together, smiling, loving being together, loving being with their daughters, loving life.

my sweet miracle of a husband, chuck irwin, took this picture with all the love he and my parents felt for each other.

it was a beatiful time and one that will live in my heart forever. thank you mother and daddy for being amazing parents, role models and friends. i love you always. saundra

Monday, November 8, 2010

wow! how quickly time flies!!! it's been a year since we opened our little studio store in nyack! we're having a big celebration this weekend and you are invited!!! join us from noon to 8pm on friday and saturday, november 12 and 13 for refreshments and fun and a 20% discount on all jewelry that's in the store. while you're there, you can also take a look at our new hats, scarves and little sparkley bags. we're going to have a good time with lots of old and new friends. won't you join us?

thanks again for a great first year in retail! visit us when you are in nyack.

watch the blog next week -- we'll be posting some pix from the party.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August in New York

hi. my husband, chuck irwin, took this photo while he was taking his morning walk a few days ago. lovely! even though this picture looks kind of lazy and cool, it's actually hot and steamy in new york right now, as it should be and always is, when we do our trade show marathon during the month of august in new york.

we are very excited as we prepare to do the New York International GIft Fair, beginning this saturday in new york, at the javits center. we will be in the new North Javits, booth 9572. there was a lot of jockeying for positon in this new hall, which features most of the handmade items at the show. Do you remember where the old pavilion was? that's where the North Javits is. we are looking forward to being in this brand new space, with our new and fabulous holiday collection. the show runs saturday, the 14th, through wednesday, the 18th.

we got a great response to the new collection at JA and the ENK Accessorie Circuit earlier this month. now we're ready to show it to you! let us know if you want to make an appointment -- you can email there are sparkling diamonds in some ways you haven't seen before, a holiday ice collection of delicious crystal quartz and a bit of holiday cheer, expressed in red garnets and sterling silver with our shimmering matte finish. but don't take my word for it, come and see us!!!

don't forget -- it may be hot and humid outside, but inside the javits, the temperature is very much like the season we'll be showing -- freezing!

y'all travel safely

Friday, July 23, 2010

shows, shows and more shows!!!

we're about to set up the first of a three trade show marathon in new york this summer. the first show is the JANY show at the javits center. the show runs july 25 - 28 and we're in booth 961.then we have a day off and we set up for the ENK Accessorie Circuit, also at the javits and we're in booth 8202. the show runs august 1 - 3. after that -- whew! -- we get a few days off and then set up for the NY International Gift Fair, august 14 - 18. our booth is in the exciting new javits north, booth 9572.

we look forward to seeing our current accounts there and hope to meet lots of new, fabulous stores to work with!! if you are interested in selling our collections in your store(s) and won't be in new york this summer, please call our studio, 845.512.8862 or email us at let the games begin!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


happy spring! well sort of. i wouldn't say if it's 34 outside, with low hanging dark clouds and a brisk wind, that it feels too much like spring. but we know it's coming, right?
i absolutely know we are sooooo busy getting ready for the may accessorie circuit show at the piers in new york, may 3 - 5, and for our debut appearance at the couture show in las vegas at the wynn, june 3 - 7, booth NW15.
we are working on several exciting new collections for fall and holiday as well as hanging on to some of our most successful collections from spring, which we will continue to sell until we sell through the gorgeous saturated blue aquamarine and milky white moonstone.
do you know that you can now go on our website and look at our core collection and our spring collection? we've been getting great feedback about having this product online and i know we have sent some new retail customers to our retail partners and, in addition, have attracted some fabulous new stores to add to our retail family. we are enjoying the give and take from our presence online and we thank you for using the site and teaching us ways to use it that we hadn't even thought of! excellent!!! following the may accessorie circuit (where we will be officially celebrating our tenth anniversary!), we will add the fall collection to the website and, following couture, we will add holiday. check it out!
so -- what are we not doing on the site that you would like to see? help us serve you by giving us your feedback. we have received some great tips and advice already and are anxious to hear more. also, is the site helping you find what you need from saundra messinger? tell it all!
enjoy the rest of march and, soon, april will surely bring warmer weather, right?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did you ever ever see such a face? This is Tinka, after playing in the snow for a few minutes. You all know she can't see, but it doesn't stop her from enjoying the feel and smell and taste of a bit of snow. She pretty much does everything she used to, before she went blind last summer.

When i watch Tinka enjoying herself, playing in the snow, twirling when she's asked if she wants to go outside, savoring her peanut butter-filled kong, sitting on 'daddy's' lap and licking his bald head -- it sort of makes me stop
in my tracks. I learn all over again that being joyful is a choice.

We all have the option of approaching each day with a smile or a frown. Some people 'enjoy poor health' as my father used to say. Some people like having something to complain about and if they don't have anything handy, they will create it. They piss and moan and are really miserable. They are even miserable about good things. Everything is a problem. We all know people like that.

On the other side, you can find people who deal with the terrible things that happen to them, and while they may not be thrilled about it, they approach it differently -- they want to at least try to feel good. They want to enjoy life. They want to be ok. They want to succeed. They want to live! That's the kind of person i try to be. I don't always succeed, but i try and it usually works. It's hard not to smile if you think about smiling.

So, when i look at Tinka I think about the way that she makes the best of the deck that has been dealt her. She can't enjoy watching the snow fall, but she sure can enjoy the way it feels on her nose. I think I will try that myself!

Enjoy this day! Do it!